• Pizza Day

    Pizza Day if you purchased from the school lunch program.

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy
  • $2 Dress Down Day to Support March of Dimes

    $2 Dress Down Day to Support March of Dimes in Honor of World Prematurity Day

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy
  • Sunday Social following 10 am Mass

    Sunday Social following 10 am Mass 

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy
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Save the Date!

Join us in Celebrating our 7th Annual Advent Tree Lighting Saturday, December 1st Following the 5:00 Evening Mass outside the church on 4th Avenue Donations accepted Through Nov. 19th


We Are a NUT Aware School!

Unfortunately, our school cannot guarantee a nut, milk or “allergen-free” environment. The risk of exposure is always present. Instead, we have an “allergy aware” policy, which empowers everyone. Children with allergies become aware of what they can and cannot eat, and school staff are alert and careful about each student’s allergies.

As we have students with SEVERE LIFE THREATENING ALLERGIES, we ask all families to avoid bringing in items such as nut butters, Nutella, or any other nut based products. We ask that you be very aware of any items brought into our school which: may contain nuts/may have been processed or manufactured in a facility which uses/contains nuts. Finally, please remind your children to never share snacks, food, or drinks with anyone.


Everyone is Talking About Our New Gym Floor!

Thank You To All Those Who Made This Gym A Reality