We have had some "growing pains" with the implementation of the TADS tuition payment system.  Kindly be patient as we work to correct all payments.

    ALL families should have received a TADS agreements via email or regular mail (Post Office).  ALL families MUST create an agreement as soon as possible (even if you paid the full tuition in 1 payment).

    I have credited accounts for TUITION ONLY for all payments received by check or credit card from July 1st to August 22nd.  If you check was NOT yet cashed, then I have NOT applied your credit.  This will be done in the next few days.

    PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU MADE A TUITION PAYMENT SINCE JULY 1st AND YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED AN AGREEMENT, I CAN NOT CREDIT YOUR ACCOUNT.  We have numerous families that paid TUITION since July 1st, but I can NOT credit you unless you have an agreement set up. 

    Also, any outstanding  BOOK AND TECHNOLOGY FEES ARE NOT TO BE PAID TO TADS-please pay the school directly.  BOOK FEES MUST be paid BEFORE school starts or the student(s) will NOT receive their books until that fee is paid.


    Mr. McKeon

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy

    For DAYS when we have EARLY DISMISSAL (also known as 1/2 days), here are the dismissal times:

    PreK-3  11:15

    K-4         11:30

    5-8          11:45

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy
  • Our UNIFORM COMPANY has MOVED to 67th St and 18th Ave. Please see the attached. Thank you.

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy
  • Please note that for Health Reasons we are a NUT FREE SCHOOL (NO nuts, NO almonds, NO peanut butter, NO Nutella, etc.) Thank you!

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy
  • First Day of School for Grades 1-8 is Wed, September 7th with doors opening at 7:30. See below and the Calendar for other grades and times.

    PreK-3 and K start on THURSDAY, September 8th with a students and parent orientation from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM.  There will be early dismissal for the first 3 days for grades 1-8 and early dismissal for PreK-3 and K on Friday (all early dismissals are 1/2 days).

    UPK has a student and parent orientation on Wednesday, September 7th from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM and then   1/2 days  on Thursday and Friday.  A letter will be going home shortly with details.

    AFTER SCHOOL starts on Monday, September 12th. 

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy
  • Hello-this is a Draft of our new web site

    eCHALK has made significant changes to their web site designs to allow users (for example, us) to easily make changes to the site at no cost.  Also, the new design is more suitable for mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.  I will be "building out the site" in the next several weeks and I have added dates through NEXT JUNE to the school calendar (more calendar dates will be added as they are planned).  I hope you enjoy the new site! I


    Mr. McKeon

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy



    The MISSION of Saint Anselm Catholic Academy is to educate students in the IMAGE AND VALUES OF OUR LORD by providing a path for Catholic growth, physical safety, character development, personal responsibility, academic rigor and educational opportunities for all students with an emphasis on English Language Arts (ELA), MATH, STEM and the Arts and a commitment to our school, parish and local communities.

We provide a high quality Catholic education beginning with a PreK-3 program (3 year old students by Dec 31st of the respective school year) and grades K through the 8th grade. These grades are aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards and Diocese of Brooklyn guidelines.

Our UPK/Pre K For All Program is free and aligns with NYCDOE early childhood goals and requirements.




    St. Anselm Catholic Academy

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy
  • Teacher's PD Day and Mass

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy
  • NEW Students in Grades 1-8 arrive at 9:00 AM

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy
  • 1st Day of School for Grades 1-8 and Early Dismissal

    St. Anselm Catholic Academy
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